What We Believe

What we Believe

We believe that The Bible is God’s Word, revealed to man so that we may know and be reconciled to Him.

The Bible teaches that we are reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ, God’s perfect Son, who paid the price for all of man’s sins on Calvary’s Cross. By accepting Jesus as our personal Savior and turning from sin, we receive God’s grace: the forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life.

Our core beliefs are based on The Bible, which teaches that:

There is one eternal God who created and rules the universe and exists in the Persons of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth to live a sinless life and offer Himself as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind. He rose on the third day after His death and burial to demonstrate His victory over sin and then returned to the right hand of God. He will return again at the end of the age to judge the world and usher in an eternity of peace and joy for all who put their faith in Him.

All people are sinners, separated from God and in need of God’s forgiveness. We are forgiven and receive God’s grace when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Our view of who Jesus is determines where we will spend eternity — with God in paradise (Heaven), or eternally separated from the love of God (Hell) — because of our sin.

The Holy Spirit begins to live in believers when they accept Jesus and helps them to carry out God’s Work and become the people God created them to be.

The 66 books of The Bible represent God’s complete and inerrant Word to man, each book being inspired and guided by God, who chose men of faith to record His Truth.

Baptism by immersion, while not required for salvation, is a visible, outward sign of faith commanded by Jesus to identify us with His death, burial and resurrection.

The Lord’s Supper is commanded by God to remind us of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross, with the bread symbolizing His broken body and the cup symbolizing His blood shed on the Cross.

What can I expect?

Our church is home to a diverse group of believers all united by our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

If you are searching for a church, you will find First Baptist Church in East Providence a warm welcoming place that combines practical insightful Bible-based teaching with heartfelt prayer and a joyful mix of traditional hymns and contemporary praise songs.

You matter to God and to us.  We are interested in you: where you are going and where you will spend eternity. Going in the right direction begins with God. Knowing God leads to inner peace and fulfillment especially as you grow your relationship with Him.  As believers, we seek to carry out God’s will for our lives.

The Holy Bible is read and preached line-by-line at each service.

We use the New King James Bible translation which is available in each pew.  You are welcome to bring your own Bible if you like.

Electronic devices (phones, tablets, beepers) can be turned to vibrate, silent or mute throughout the service.  Sermon audio is recorded live at each service and subsequently posted on our sermon page.

What to Expect

Our History

First Baptist Church in East Providence was established in 1794 for the purpose of worshiping God and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In its early years, the church had some variations on the current name because the land on which the church sits was part of Rehoboth and later part of Seekonk. The name was changed to First Baptist Church in East Providence in 1862, when the state line moved, causing the western part of Seekonk, Mass., to become part of East Providence, R.I.

It is believed that the church’s first meeting house was built in 1795 and 1796. The structure was torn down in 1879, making way for the present building, which cost $7,000 and was dedicated on Dec. 30, 1879.

Throughout its history, the church has honored God by helping people grow in their faith and service to Him. Pastor Ernest Robillard came to us in 1999, providing enthusiasm for God, His Word and the need to boldly share the good news of the Gospel with all who will hear.

Recently the church bell/bell tower was refurbished and major renovations were made inside the sanctuary as well.  A brand new baptism fount has also been added.